I would like to personally welcome you to the official Web site of one of what I feel is the finest and most professional international flight training schools in the world.

Along with training international students for their commercial licensing, we also train locally too. Our credentials speak for themselves and they include training at the levels of Part 141 approved Private, Instrument, Commercial, Special Preparation Course for King Air C-90, and Private Ground School Course-ATP. We are one of the very few schools who offer training to all of these levels under FAA Part 141 approval, and we include on top of this Glass Cockpit flying. I would encourage prospective students to the field of aviation to ask other schools what they provide and to what level before committing to any other school for training.

Our facilities are located at a large airport in the Central Valley of California at Stockton. We have a control tower with very low commercial airline traffic, yet just enough to provide real hands on training for those who strive to become safe and professional pilots. We are near major airports as well, and these become part of the comprehensive training we provide our students.

Our instructors and staff have years of experience in the field, and have produced pilots for Air China, China Eastern, Shanghai Airlines, Asiana, Jeju Air, Hansung Air and Korean Air, to mention a few. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, experience and ability to teach, and we challenge any other school to match our abilities.

Our flight instructors are professional, and are trained to understand and respect diversity in culture, and also learn that there is much more to teaching aviation English than what the instructors may have learned in flight school to teach aviation jargon, particularly to international students. We train our trainers beyond their initial certificates.

Our syllabus and standard operational procedures were developed by our own professional staff, and are not canned models purchased through the Internet, or passed down from one generation of flight school owners to the next with little attention to staying current in the field of aviation. Our present administration and staff are professional and safe pilots and instructors; most have been in the field of aviation for years; and they live and breathe flying. We practice safe flying and do not compromise ourselves or the safety of others for money, as we have witnessed in some areas of the field.

I welcome you to come by; take a look around; ask questions; and get answers to your questions. I think you will be happy with what you see and learn.


Dr. Jay B. Kim
President, JC Air Academy

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