World's Most Complex and Advanced Airspace

Stockton Metropolitan Airport, where the JC Air Academy is located, is 20 minutes by air away from the San Francisco Bay Area where one of the world's most complex and advanced airspace is located. Every trainee has the opportunity to use the same air traffic control systems that airline pilots use. The features of this environment is advantageous for our training center, especially for candidates for airline pilot. And, due to the twenty minute air distance away from the center of the San Francisco Area, we are safely separated from the busy congestion of airliners. Our training will be minimally delayed or affected by their operations, if at all, but we can share the same advanced traffic system at our desire. Moreover, Stockton Metropolitan Airport has a 11,000 foot, and 5,000 foot long runway with a precision radar system and control tower. These environments allow our participants to adapt to airline operations efficiently.

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