Professional Pilot Training Center

JC Air Academy is a high quality international flight training center.

The management team of JC Air Academy has has combined training experience of 24 years in professional pilot training which includes ab initio training programs for various international airlines and individual pilot training programs.

We have developed our own high level standard operational procedures and syllabus for all certificates that we have, and these were developed as a result of our many years of training and experience, and not taken from pre-existing programs as most other schools do. They are all FAA Part 141 approved and follow the strict guidelines of FAA.

JC Air Academy is accredited by:

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - FAR Part 141
Certification Number: 7JCS903K

Approved Courses:
    - Private Pilot Course
    - Instrument Rating Course
    - Commercial Pilot Course
    - Special Preparation Course - King Air C-90
    - Pilot Ground School Course - ATP

U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) -
Student and Visitors Exchange Program (SEVP),
M-Visa issuance

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