Reliable experience with a multi engine craft

Flying an aircraft that has multiple engines is another enjoyable flight experience, and practical too. At this point the pilot trainee is coming closer to more advanced professional pilot operations. The Piper Seminole is a broadly used multi engine training airplane and we hope to share the joy of flying this aircraft with our students.

Two 135kW (180hp) Lycoming O-360-E1AD flat four piston engines driving two or optionally three blade constant speed Hartzell propellers

Max speed 311km/h (168kt), max cruising speed 309km/h (167kt), long range cruising speed 280km/h (151kt). Initial rate of climb 1200ft/min. Service ceiling 17,100ft. Range with reserves 1630km (880nm)

Empty 1070kg (2360lb), max takeoff 1723kg (3800lb)

Wing span 11.77m (38ft 8in), length 8.41m (27ft 7in), height 2.59m (8ft 6in). Wing area 17.1m2 (183.8sq ft)

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