Enhance pilot's ability with cutting edge avionics

The Cirrus SR series is one of the most popular general aviation crafts in our fleet these days. The selling record in the market is evidence of the value of the Cirrus SR series to aviation. Its high performance and cutting edge digital avionics makes it very sought after for instrument training. It will help develop the trainee's instrument flying skills and at the same time enhance their ability in high performance operations.

One 150kW (200hp) Teledyne Continental IO-360-ES fuel injected flat six piston engine driving a three blade Hartzell propeller

Max cruising speed at 75% power 295km/h (160kt). Initial rate of climb 1000ft/min. Service ceiling 16,000ft. Range with reserves 1480km (800nm)

Standard empty 932kg (2050lbs), max takeoff 1315kg (2900lb)

Wing span 10.85m (35ft 7in), length 8.00m (26ft 3in), height 2.82m (9ft 3in). Wing area 12.6m2 (135.0sq ft)

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