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7233 C.E. Dixon St. Stockton, CA 95206

1. Flight Instructor

Job Title:  Flight Instructor

Minimum Requirement:  Minimum flight time of 250 hours in Single engine plane and Multi engine plane; FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate(CFI)

Job Type:  Full Time

• Instructor international students in pilot procedures in aircraft, classroom, simulator, and other platform environments;
• Oversee internatioinal students' flight training activities;
• Monitor and evaluate internatioinal students, administering exams as necessary;
• Ensure compliance with FARs;
• Monitor progress of internatioinal students and students training records;
• Maintain safety manual;
• Implement and evaluate standardized instructional practices that support the creation of standards manuals,
  and exploration of new instructional techniques;
• Apply and maintain standards of quality operating methods, processes, systems, and procedures,
  and modify and implement changes as necessary as it relates to aviation programs.

• Flight Instructor Minimum Requirement: Minimum flight time of 250 hours in ASEL and AMEL;
• FAA Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Benefit: $20-$50/hour , Rent Dormitory $250-$300/month, Support Moving Expense:$500,;
• Free FAA 141 Instructor standardization Flight. Monthly Instruction Times(Flight,Ground,Sim): over 100 hours/month;

2. Ground Instructor

Job Title:  Ground Instructor

Education Requirement:  Associate Degree of Science, Arts, or Engineering
Special Requirement:  AGI and IGI Certificates; Bi-lingual in Korean and English
Job Type:  Full Time

  • Instruct Korean students in pilot procedures for Private, Instrument, Commercial Pilot, in classroom and simulator;
  • Oversee Korean students' flight training activities, assuring that ground lessons are completed according to
    the Training Course Outline specifications, and that all appropriated endorsements are made in the student's ground training record
    and personal logbook;
  • Monitor progress of Korean students and student training records for ground class and flight training simulator;
  • Evaluate Korean students, administering exams as necessary;
  • Ensure compliance with FAA regulations;
  • Apply and maintain standards of quality operating methods, systems, and procedures, and modify and implement changes
    as necessary.

Job Site:  7233 C.E. Dixon St., Stockton, CA 95206

Please send resume to: Edward(Seung Chan) Kwon/FAA141 Chief Pilot / JC Air Academy Inc.

Accepted only by post e-mail:   info@jcairacademy.com

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