Boost into jet engine pilot

Initial stage of pilot training is conducted with simple reciprocal engine system. However, to be a airline pilot who fly huge je t airplane, they should have adequate knowledge and experience of those system and overall environment of cockpit. Jet transition course will help pilot easily adapt to large jet engine operation. Our course is designed to provide the instruction and practice necessary to attain the proficiency level required of airline's requirement. Our coursework focus not only flight skill but also overall cockpit management ability that is required modern cockpit environment. Concept and basic knowledge of CRM (Crew Resource management) and LOFT (Line Oriented Flight Training) will delivered during jet transition course and trainee would have a chance to practice those concepts. Also, we will offer jet transition course with Citation Mustang that has modern glass cockpit system so that trainee can get ability of efficient manage various information that is given by modern cockpit system in airline operation. It will help trainee to be a safe pilot who has ability of appropriate situational awareness and right decision making.

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